The Swiss Federal Railways SBB CFF FFS and the company INTECH-ICS AG have been working for years on the new locker systems for public transport customers. The latest locker system is now located in Montreux station on platform 1.

Customers can deposit their luggage - be it small or large bags - centrally at the station (by the elevator). The lockers are operated centrally via a pay station. In addition, a specially developed lighting system with pigeon protection is in use.

It accepts CHF coins and the most common credit cards. A big advantage is that this allows the lockers to be operated without a key. A receipt is generated with a QR code that can be used to open the selected locker again.

If a ticket is lost, there is no need to exchange a lock. The SBB staff on site has the possibility to print a duplicate for a fee, so that the customer can redeem his luggage.

INTECH-ICS AG thanks you for the valued order.

Here you can find more reports about the lockers.

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