New lockers for Montreux SBB station

New lockers for Montreux SBB station

The Swiss Federal Railways SBB CFF FFS and the company INTECH-ICS AG have been working for years on the new locker systems for public transport customers. The latest locker system is now located in Montreux station on platform 1. Customers can leave their...

New lockers at RhB Thusis station

New lockers at RhB Thusis station

The Rhaetian Railway RhB and the company INTECH-ICS AG have been working for years on the new locker systems for public transport customers. The latest locker system of the RhB is now located in Thusis station at the main access to track 1. Customers can store their...

New locker system at Chur railway station

New locker system at Chur railway station

SBB CFF FFS and the company INTECH-ICS AG have been working on the new locker systems for customers for years. The latest locker system is now in Chur station on platform 5. Customers can store their luggage - be it small or large bags - centrally at the...

Locker systems


Locker systems are used for the most diverse purposes:

  • for the storage of luggage at railway stations and airports,
  • for leaving shopping bags in shopping centres,
  • for bag storage in museums and at events,
  • for the theft-proof storage of bicycles and express shipments,
  • for the delivery of parcels and letters by courier and postal services and collection by recipients, so-called LAST-MILE solutions.
  • for the distribution of mail or EDP lists in authorities, computer centres, etc.

Locker systems

INTECH ICS AG and its partners have set new standards in the area of locker systems with the renewal of the SBB lockers. The stations of Geneva, Bern, Zurich and St. Gallen have already been equipped with the new luggage locker systems. Further stations will follow. The new system allows the customer to integrate various options into his system. For example, compartments can be occupied by parcel services so that they can be used as pick-up stations (last mile).


Locksafe - clever lockers

This luggage locker system was developed for the public sector. Due to the solid processing, the locker offers a high degree of security. Whether luggage, handbags, shopping bags, clothes, laptops, smartphones, skis and snowboards, golf bags or prams - the different locker sizes offer sufficient storage space for luggage of any size. Locksafe from LockTec - buy luggage lockers from the professionals!

Servicebox - the pick-up station

Servicebox is an electronically controlled locker system developed for the unattended transfer of goods, parcels and services. It is used as a transfer station for internal transfer processes, as a pick-up station or parcel station for end consumers. Due to the multi-carrier function, the parcel boxes can be used simultaneously by all postal service providers, courier services and service providers. LockTec's Last-Mile-Solution - Servicebox.


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Cool Lockers - the cooled pick-up station

The cool lockers are collection compartments with cooling function, freezing function or heating, through which food or temperature-sensitive goods and appliances can be delivered without damage. The cool lockers thus primarily serve the current trend of ordering food online. Using refrigeration technology, the cold chain is guaranteed to be uninterrupted from the moment of delivery until the customer picks it up - fresh and flexible. In addition, heat-sensitive medicines or electronic devices can be stored safely thanks to the heatable compartments. The systems have a multi-carrier function, meaning that one system can be used by a wide variety of suppliers at the same time.

Velosafe - the safe Velobox

High-quality mountain bikes, sports bikes or e-bikes can be stored safely from weather and vandalism in the Velosafe bicycle garage. Reservations in advance are not necessary, but the facility can be rented spontaneously. Since e-mobility is increasing more and more, the system also serves this trend: With the Velosafe e-bike charging station, there is also the option of charging batteries of e-bikes or electronic devices in the compartment.


Locksafe basic - the small collection boxes

Locksafe basic is a transfer station and enables service providers and pharmacies to hand over goods unattended. By means of an intelligent software the customers are informed via email or smartphone as soon as the goods are ready for collection. This means that the customer can pick up the goods from the safe deposit box even after closing time - securely, discreetly and with absolute flexibility.

Servicepoint - the compact plant

Secure and unattended handover of keys, medicine, documents and materials: Compact system LockTec Servicepoint. Drop off and pickup made easy and all that in a compact system. Servicepoint offers easy handling thanks to PIN entry, unattended transfer of goods, space-saving design and a wide range of applications. Whether as a pickup station for keys, for secure document transfer or as a pick-up station for pre-ordered products - with LockTec Servicepoint you can offer your customers the possibility to pick up goods even outside your opening hours.

Fire brigade cabinet

Special cabinets for fire brigades and rescue services

The lockers for fire brigades and rescue services have a welded sheet steel construction that is 1 mm thick. They ensure immediate access to the emergency clothing at all times.
For an additional charge, the lockers can also be equipped with a special tilting helmet holder. To simplify removal, the holder tilts and the helmet can be removed more easily.

Wardrobe lockers

Due to their design and high quality, cloakroom lockers provide reliable equipment for changing rooms in various facilities and institutions, such as companies, schools, sports facilities, hospitals, fitness centres and the like.

The basic selection of laminate décors is made up of Mandal Maple, Fleetwood Champagne, Locarno Cherry, Bardolino Oak, Corbridge Oak and Pine. On request, any other laminate decor from the sample range can also be used.

In the standard version, the frame construction is available in RAL 7035 (light grey) and RAL 9005 (black). Of course, the wardrobe cabinets can be ordered in all RAL colours. In addition, the lockers can be made to your individual dimensions.

Ski locker and snowboard locker

Furniture for sports facilities

Ski lockers and snowboard lockers are designed to equip ski hotels, guesthouses or ski depots in winter sports areas.
Golf cabinets are used for the safe storage of golf trolleys and golf equipment.
The saddle cabinet is primarily intended for the safe storage of riders' saddles and equipment. It is made of high quality electrolytically galvanised sheet steel coated with powder paint. This combination guarantees good chemical and mechanical resistance.
The ball cabinet is used to store all kinds of balls, e.g. in sports halls and sports arenas.
The ice hockey box is made of a laminated sheet and is ideal for changing rooms in ice hockey arenas.

Cloakroom benches

Cloakroom benches are used in changing rooms in companies, gyms, schools and sports clubs. They are made of robust steel profiles 30 x 30 mm. The seat surface has a laminate top with a 2 mm wide ABS edge.
The feet are equipped with plastic glides and the backrests have practical hooks in the respective profile colour.

Cloakroom bench
Key cabinet

Key cabinet

Key cabinets made of sheet steel with glass door ensure a perfect overview of the keys. The cabinet can be easily attached to the wall. The hooks are made of high-quality sheet steel. The locking of the cabinets is secured by a cylinder lock.

The laminate key cabinet in maple finish is used for clearly arranged storage of keys. The hooks are made of high-quality sheet steel. The lockers are secured by a cylinder lock.


Universal and flexible work tables for workshops, school classes, warehouses and garages.
Adjustable feet to adjust the height of the work table from 655 mm to 1005 mm (in steps of 50 mm).



Bolted universal shelving for archives, workshops and warehouses. The shelves can be adjusted at a distance of 45 mm.
Load capacity of shelves: 100 kg
Max. load of shelf: 500 kg. Max. load of shelving: 500 kg
Welded shel ving - combination of sheet steel and laminate
The 18 mm thick laminate shelves are built into a mettal frame. The shelving can be fixed to the wall.
Max. load of the shelves: 75 kg
Max. load of the shelf: 450 kg. Max. load of the shelf: 450 kg

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