Innovation at Interlaken Ost station: A prime example of successful partnership between Jungfraubahn and INTECH-ICS AG

In the middle of Interlaken Ost, travelers can now experience the latest developments in luggage storage. The three state-of-the-art locker systems, strategically positioned under the platform roof of track 1, are the product of a close and solution-oriented collaboration between Jungfraubahn and INTECH-ICS AG.

Optimal comfort and service for your luggage

Flexible & Practical: From handbags to bulky travel suitcases - our systems offer the ideal solution for every piece of luggage.

Uncomplicated payment: Central, fast and easy with CHF coins or credit cards.

State-of-the-art technology: Forget traditional keys. With your individual QR code, you can open your locker in no time at all.

Customer service is ready: A lost ticket is no obstacle. The trained Jungfrau Railway team will assist you and issue a replacement ticket for a small fee.

Only through dedicated and solution-oriented cooperation was it possible to complete the installation of the locker systems in record-breaking time. This enables us to provide our customers with this innovative service as quickly as possible.

INTECH-ICS AG is proud of this successful cooperation and would like to expressly thank Jungfraubahn and all those involved for the trust they have placed in us.